Client Testimonials

Nick Jiwa - CustomerServ, Inc.

I have been using a very cool LinkedIn tool called "Profile-Visitor" for the past 3 months and I love it. I never realized the true potential for successful prospecting on LinkedIn until I found "Profile-Visitor".
Since signing on w/ "Profile-Visitor" I have made a ton of new connections, found new opportunities, and closed over $100,000 in new business. Amazing!

Walter Crosby - Business Development Consultant

Pete provides a daily process for monetizing your LinkedIn Profile and controlling sales calls with prospects. The 'Gold Call' & 'Profile-Visitor' can be implemented into anyone's sales prospecting plan - big company or small company. Pete helps you sell & sound like a professional. I highly recommend you take a closer look at what Pete has to offer...

Tom Kim - New Business Owner

A few weeks after using 'Profile-Visitor' and applying The Gold Call - I closed my first sale! I feel I got a great return on investment from your programs - it's paid for itself already!

Bill Kliskey - Independent Marketing Consultant

I can’t say enough good things about Pete Ekstrom’s LinkedIn 'Profile-Visitor' and Gold Call Prospecting Programs.
I purchased the Gold Call Script-Builder Kit, and almost immediately I starting closing more sales appointments to my calendar.With 'Profile-Visitor' I finally found a way to get sales prospects to come to me. Revolutionary!

Chet Holland - Account Executive

I discovered "Pete the Gold Caller" on a Webinar and as he sounded uniquely polished in his approach, I decided to buy his Gold Call Kit the following day. Two weeks later, I can report that I’ve scheduled 17 meetings in 6 days calling on CEOs. Amazing...

Orion Grove - Marketing Executive

I have to say, Pete! What you have taught me about prospecting has impacted me greatly! Thanks to The Gold Call and LinkedIn 'Profile-Visitor' - I booked 6 demos today! I have 3 more scheduled for next week! You're truly an inspiration and a game-changer! I look forward in learning more from you!

Mike Fitzpatrick - CEO - InfoSec Consulting

Can't say enough good things about 'Profile-Visitor'. I’m now # 18 in my contacts (1700) on Linkedin of most viewed profiles, #2 in professionals like myself. Amazing what this approach will do. In less than a month I have moved from #168 to #18. Working on turning this momentum into new sales meetings this week.

John Galante - Lead Generation Services

I’ve been working with Dealbuilders and especially the Gold Call programs for quite some time now. My ability to negotiate for the attention of my sales prospects has developed significantly. I now schedule 17-20 new sales meetings each week thanks to Pete’s “LinkedIn Prospecting Platform” & The Gold Call.

Michael Drapeau - Software Sales

I highly recommend Peter. Even though it’s been a few years since I hired him, his training, coaching and mentorship continues to pay off. How service and approach has evolved with the times. Peter is so creative to the point that he stays one step ahead of sales prospects and makes prospecting not only effective, but fun as well.

Frances Nevarez - CEO Technology Company

If your firm is looking for some creative selling techniques, more in-person appointments, referrals and closures; I highly recommend Dealbuilders. Peter Ekstrom's “Profile-Visitor” program has increased our sales revenue by over 35%.

Richard Geremia - Technology Sales

I have had the pleasure of working with Pete (Dealbuilders) for many years and I am very comfortable in recommending him to anyone that asks. Pete is a hard working, dedicated, and well thought out professional who is very passionate about his business. I invite anyone interested in learning more to contact me directly.

Bill Petersen - Inside Sales Trainer

I’ve been working with Pete (Dealbuilders) since we worked together at Oracle 4 years ago. His business development services are top notch compared to other lead generation services I’ve experienced. I highly recommend that you explore what “Profile-Visitor” can do for you.

David Eaton - Chief Marketing Officer

Dealbuilders operates as an extension of our team, and they fit seamlessly into our processes. They set and meet expectations. What started as a 90-day engagement is now moving into its second year.

Peter B. Cohen - Financial Advisor

I started working with Peter’s ‘Profile-Visitor’ program in February and I’m quite pleased with the results I’m seeing. As a financial planner it’s always been difficult to reach the CEOs of mid-sized companies. Pete’s ‘Profile-Visitor’ program drives the attention of CEOs in my direction via LinkedIn and is helping me to schedule more in-person sales meetings than I ever thought possible. 

Mike Faith - Technology Sales

Our inside sales team is having an easier time contacting sales prospects and filling new orders with the help of “Profile-Visitor” Within the short period of time we have been using “Profile-Visitor” we seen the size of our sales pipeline increase significantly. 

Bob Mansmann - I.T. Consultant

Finding my way to the right people has always been a problem for me. With “Profile-Visitor” it has become much easier to identify and make contact with the people I want to do business with. “Profile-Visitor” takes the guess work out of prospecting and puts me in direct contact with the people that matter most.

Jim Mancuso - Technology Sales

I am now able to reach 10X the market I used to with “Profile-Visitor”. Working with Pete, we have found our way into several new sales opportunities that we never have found if it weren’t for “Profile-Visitor”. 

Tim Feldmann - Technology Sales

As the CEO of a small technology company I do a fair amount of travel. I don’t have time to prospect. That’s why I’m glad I found “Profile-Visitor” - it does most of my prospecting for me, even when I travel. I highly recommend “Profile-Visitor” to anyone short on time and in need of more customers.

Connie Kadansky - Sales Trainer & Speaker

“Profile-Visitor” helps me make contact with thousands of people I never would have had the chance to meet by way of the phone. I have greatly expanded my market reach and feel confident that my business will double over the next 9-12 months thanks to “Profile-Visitor”.