Peter C. Ekstrom

President & CEO

Pete Ekstrom

I’m a life-long salesperson. Because my parents never gave me an allowance growing up I found my way to a sales career. I took it upon myself and went door-to-door pitching my products and services. Vacum cleaners - you name it.

I never really liked prospecting, but I understood that if I wanted anything new I’d have to "ring doorbells" to get it. So one day I found the courage to make my very first sales call.
First lesson learned: If you don't ask - you don't get.

Aside from my business interests, I am an associate professor of sales & marketing communications at The Lubin School of Business Administration - Pace University New York City. My coursework titled: The Gold Call Script teaches undergraduate students how to master the speaking & negotiating skills they will need to do business in corporate America.

Overall, I know more about failure than I know about success. I wish I could say differently, but it is what it is.
I consider my defeats along the way as "lessons learned", and place a high emphasis on not repeating the same mistake twice. 

Thank you for taking the time to know me better - I hope to earn your business. ~ Pete

Peter Ekstrom:

Peter Ekstrom

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